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Nashville Now: Our Global Neighbors

Right now, nearly 70,000 refugees live in Nashville, a third of which attend Metro Nashville Public Schools, and unfortunately, they are struggling.  These students are our future leaders.


UrbanPromise Nashville is reaching these youth, raising them into leaders, and restoring our community. We are empowering refugee leaders to raise refugee leaders. It’s unique and it’s sustainable.


The truth is refugee youth have so much to offer and desperately want to succeed. The hope is that they will embrace their God-given identities and use them for the good of others, themselves, and our city. The reality is we witness this unfolding every day.

We need your help to reach more of these students. A new school year is here, and resources are needed. 


Please consider a 100% tax deductible financial gift that will help mold these refugee students into our future leaders?

Learn More About Our StreetLeaders

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