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StreetLeader Reflections

Over the past few months, our StreetLeaders have not only learned to lead in our after school program as mentors, but also blossomed into more thoughtful, caring, and open leaders in front of our eyes. We couldn’t sum up their experience better than Eh Dah did in this reflection she gave us permission to share below:

I am a StreetLeader at UrbanPromise Nashville. I love it. I love when we go places with the crew. We went on hikes. We went rock climbing. We went out and ate. We saw amazing views. We had fun...

At first, I hated coming to the program after school. I hated kids bothering me. I hated talking in the car. I hated being hungry. I hated putting on a fake smile. I hated so many things while a StreetLeader.

Then Jesus came in and stayed.

My UrbanPromise family stayed.

They taught me so many things about our Lord Jesus Christ. Ms. Shawna is the sweetest woman ever. Mr. Jonathan is such a funny guy. Kailee is so energetic! Karen is such a good listener. Kate is such a good helper. Kris was so ready to go on another adventure. Laura was a good teacher (thanks for the help with Government class!). Lindsey was so nice. Bella is a sweetheart. Mima would laugh at my dumb jokes. And Innocent is so funny. They showed me life is more than a gloomy and hurtful place. They held my hands and walked with me through a journey I would have never taken if it was before any of this. They taught me patience, prayers, love, and more! This is only the beginning of a huge adventure of being a UrbanPromise Nashville StreetLeader.

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