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UrbanTrekkers - Summer Beach Trek Reflection

This summer, going on a Trekkers camping trip to the Gulf Islands National Seashore in the middle of July was an easy yes for me because God has given me a heart that loves UPN StreetLeaders!!! An opportunity for quality time with these StreetLeaders in nature, uninterrupted by normal life and technology, made me anticipate the possibility of really good things from this trip!

Our group of StreetLeaders and mentors actively engaged in learning about who Jesus is by studying His Word, times of worshiping through song, journaling, laughter, conversation, and just being still together in the glory of His Creation. Kindness, thankfulness, respect, curiosity, bravery, adventurous spirits, joy, laughter, empathy and compassion were the culture of our UPN family on this trip. So much of God’s image was reflected in our StreetLeaders and in our time together sharing with each other. We experienced a love that was so tangible and undeniable it could have only come from our Father and we. are. grateful.

From every mile of our road trip to every campfire talk, from sand creations and kayaking in the ocean to the evening sunsets and crab hunts, from Joe’s fish market and the Naval Air Museum to dancing in parking lots on the way back home, God gave us such great joy, peace, rest, and redemption through one another that week. He gave each of us the opportunity to see and be reminded of how He Himself loves His people through His people in so many ways.

-Deborah, StreetLeader Mentor

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